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The Improv Restaurant

Think of the French Riviera and you envision seaside resorts, sunshine.

A passion for the finer things in life, and of course, exquisite bistro cuisine.

The Improv Restaurant captures this essence, paying homage to a “bistro” meal that is fresh, light, and perfectly suited for vivacious lifestyles, leaving you energized for outdoor adventures, soaking up the sun, or relaxing over sunset cocktails in the roof-top Sky Lounge.

Our expert chefs take advantage of local farmers markets, selecting the finest, freshest ingredients for our tables, rich in life and vivid with color. All the items on our menu are skillfully designed and prepared in order to preserve vitality and natural richness, while also enhancing and complimenting foods to achieve the best culinary experience.

The Improv Restaurant delivers products you can trust. Costa Rica recognizes international trade standards for U.S. beef and beef products from cattle of all ages. Likewise, all seafood purchased from the Quepos Harbor is of international export quality.

Our Menu