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Vacations that continue

It seems that Trip Advisor has become one of the most essential forms of marketing, most definitely in the Hotel and restaurant business. As an employee of La Mansion Inn I am honestly thankful for the great feedback and honest reviews we receive on a consistent basis. Mind you, there always seems to be that small percentage of the tourist community that, despite every effort and constant attempts to give them exactly what they want, always seem to complain about something. I have definitely learned when reading about hotels and possible destinations, to ALWAYS focus on the majority. The minority quite often seems to represent unrealistic and obscure issues.

What trip advisor has done for us and (I’m sure every other hotel seeking to offer the very best), is that it gives us a constant reminder through consistent feedback of the impact a great vacation really has upon people. It is so easy (at least from my personal perspective) to forget that with each and every individual tourist, there is an ongoing impression that lasts long after they leave. Day after day new tourists arrive in our town, and in our hotel. This gives us a continual presentation of fresh faced tourists ready to relax, ready for vacation.

As I re focus, I remind myself that each and every one of these individuals represents a world of work, stress and perhaps anxiety. They come walking through our doors ready to leave everything behind them for a short time to enjoy a sanctuary in paradise. Even upon their return home, it is the memory of this experience that manages to live on, providing them with fond memories and a positive, refreshed mentality, looking forward to their next vacation and a return visit.

For all those who have come and enjoyed your stay here at La mansion Inn, we truly hope that your experience here managed to leave that lasting impression giving you the ability to take a slice of paradise back home with you. We always appreciate and enjoy all your feedback through Trip Advisor.


Keep in touch! And we will see you again soon!