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I recently returned from a fabulous vacation In the coastal town of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. I must say, one of the many highlights of my Costa Rican vacation was the actual hotel experience itself, and after writing this short review I knew it had to be posted here on the La Mansion Inn Blog.

Many times on vacation, the Hotel serves as nothing more than a place to sleep and grab a quick bite in the morning before going out and enjoying the country we came to see. However, when staying at La Mansion Inn, there definitely seemed to be a very genuine and natural blending of the Hotel with Costa Rica itself. Where the hotel ended and that one of a kind Costa Rican experience began was most definitely a fine line that was well blurred in the most creative and unique fashion. I still remember our first morning. waking up to the most incredible ocean vista from the balcony of our room.

The rainforest stretched out directly in front of us, merging into some beautiful beachfront which we could see curving around the beautiful blue oceanfront, showing off the world famous Manuel Antonio National Park. We knew the views were to be spectacular, but honestly arriving at night, tired and limited with what we could see, in my opinion was a fun bonus.  I was actually a little reluctant to go downstairs to a stuffy hotel area for one of those self serve breakfast buffets that most hotels seem to offer. However I was hungry and looking forward to tasting some of the local coffee.

Arriving downstairs I was directed towards the breakfast area and I could not have been more pleasantly surprised! The breakfast area was an open air deck split down the center with a long narrow pool of water ending at the far side with a dolphin style water fountain which created some beautiful ambient sound. Beyond the end of the fountain was the most fantastic continuation of what I had been enjoying from my hotel room. I was so glad I had come down for breakfast! We took a seat, relaxed and absorbed the incredible view of the surrounding jungle and immense ocean disappearing on the horizon. The breakfast experience continued that morning to my surprise with the most friendly table service offering a delicious meal and that Costa Rican coffee I had been waiting for.

Another unique feature I noticed was a type of empty “stage” area that sat completely empty to my left. Above this was a nice clean cut metal looking sign attached to the wall behind saying “IMPROV”. I was curious about what this might mean and when it was taken advantage of.  As breakfast ended we returned to the room, with plans to get changed and take a stroll up to the hotel rooftop “Sky Lounge”, where we could meet with some friends who had already eaten breakfast. As we arrived back at the room, we noticed a small card that had been slid under the doorway. It was an invitation to a VIP reception in the evening.  That feeling of enjoying a vacation in true luxury most definitely seemed to follow us at each moment during our stay.  We had the most amazing time that day, relaxing on the Sky Lounge, taking a dip in the pool, and then receiving a personal chofer driven ride from the hotel to the Manuel Antonio beach. It was a fantastic day. We would have quite possibly passed out in our rooms that evening, but we were still holding on to those VIP invitations, and we had definitely learned not to pass up what this Hotel might be offering.

The reception was absolutely lovely. A glass of white wine, an opportunity to meet with some of the hotel staff, and my opportunity to ask all the questions I wanted about the area and become familiar with the town. The VIP host was incredibly pleasant and I even enjoyed the opportunity to chat with other guests that had just arrived. Just as I thought the evening might be over, the doors to the breakfast area were opened and we were encouraged to go through and take a seat in the same area we sat that morning. The first thing I noticed (besides the incredible array of stars bursting with light against the jet black sky) was that same “IMPROV” sign, now beautifully lit up. We sat there and were entertained by a wonderful selection of performances put together by two local dance groups. To say it was extremely “raw” and “real”, Is possibly the best two words I can think of that describe it.  These improvisational shows didn’t seem over rehearsed or fake in any way. It was great to watch the locals showing off their talent and to realize that this was exactly what La Mansion Inn was doing – Providing an arena for the local Costa Ricans to show their talent. What a great opportunity for them and a surprising treat for us!

La Mansion inn most definitely brought together that High end classy, distinguished feel and that down to earth friendly atmosphere and made us feel so comfortable and well taken care of without pretension or pointless ostentation. This has definitely become one of those hotels we will come back to on a regular basis. Thank you!